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The smallest and lightest head in the Gitzo range, Series 00 offers surprisingly good performance.


Lowest profile head in the range.


New Ball Head in the Gitzo series.


The G1570M Low-Profile head provides solid support and flexibility for heavier large format cameras.


Low Profile Rationelle Magnesium Head


Designed to carry a maximum capacity of up to 12 lbs, the G2271M is made of high quality low weight magnesium and features an advanced built-in fluid system for smoother pan and tilts.


Made of high quality low weight magnesium, the G2272M is designed to carry a maximum capacity of up to 12 lbs.


The Gitzo GH2750 Series 2 Off Center Magnesium Ballhead follows the same outer shell design and look of the G1275M.


The weight has been reduced by 15-17%, and new Gitzo technologies have been introduced.


The rotating center socket is unique to Gitzo and provides a range of movement impossible with conventional heads. Replaces G1375M


Gitzo Off-Set Ball heads are renowned for smooth operation and positive locking. Replaces G1376M.


Leveling Base for Systematic Tripods.




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