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Fidelty 4X5, Toyo 4x5 and 8X10 Film Holders.

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 Made of ebony wood. Comes with sleeve for protection.


FH 4x5 protects up to six 4x5 film holders


Wide flap opening permits easy film loading. Dark slides slip in and out smoothly without ever disturbing holder position.


Fidelity holders are thin and lightweight, making them easy and fast to load, taking up the least amount of space possible in a carrying case.


Cut film holders from Toyo-View are the embodiment of artisanship in the industry, yielding ultimate film flatness and silky smooth darkslide operation.


Wooden 4X10 holder. Black walnut.


Fujifilm's QuickLoad 4 x 5 sheet film, is portable, lightweight, film holder that has superb image evenness and light protection. Portable and Lightweight , Rugged Plastic , Housing, Dust-Proof Cap .




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