Canon MR-14EX Macro Ring Lite


 Turning the tubes horizontally or vertically is effective when a three dimensional effect is desired.
The E-TTL wireless autoflash function of the MR-14EX also gives users greater representational freedom in macro photography.
If the MR-14EX is used as the master flash unit with one or more slave unit Speedlite 550Ex for back lighting or accents lighting, users can perform wireless multiple autoflash controlled shooting to great effect.
The flash ratio can be controlled in up to three groups of flash units. Including the independent use of right and left flash tubes.
With the Macro Ring Lite MR-14Ex subtle lighting for macro images of fine detail becomes reality.
Main features include: Guide no 14/46.2 at ISO 100 in meters/feet minimum control distance - 20mm (0.75 inches) from the front of the flash unit, FE lock, manual flash, flash compensation, FEB, high speed sync. flash ration control between left and right flash tubes, wireless multiflash control, modeling flash.



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