G1177M Magnesium Center Ball Head

Center Ballhead:
Light weight.

The G1177M Center Ball Head is new to the Gitzo range.
It is a perfect match for Series One tripods such as the G1118, G1120, G1126 and carbon fiber G1127 and G1128 models.
G1177M features a precision machined aluminum ball for ultra-smooth operation, along with a single lock for rapid and reliable locking in any position.
It weighs under 1lb and can support equipment up to 9 lbs.
The ’M’ in G1177M stands for ’Magnesium.’
Gitzo were the first to introduce Magnesium heads to the photographic industry.
Magnesium offers the advantage of being up to 20% lighter than regular photographic heads.
• Finish Gray and Black Enamel
• Material Magnesium
• Series 1
• Maximum Load Capacity 8.82 lbs
• Head Height 3.54 in
• Weight 0.68 lbs



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