17.0 (h) x 17.5* (w) x 8.0 (l) cm
Large Format:
Ebony Wood

Constructed entirely of quarter-sawn Macassar ebony heartwood and solid titanium.
Optional back extender 692 and/or extension tubes enable the use of longer lenses.
Ebony and titanium construction: no vibration or sway, even at maximum extension.
Complete stability is assured.
35mm lens usable with 10mm recessed lensboard, 38mm-47mm lenses usable with flat board, without restricting movements.
Triple-draw bellows extension, allowing front and back focusLight, versatile, easy to use
Accepts Linhof-type 4x5 lensboards
Accepts 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.)
Roll film holders may be removed without dismounting focusing screen.
•FORMAT - Graphic Standard 6x9cm (2x3 inch). Accepts all Graphic Standard roll film holders.
•WOOD - Ebony .
•METAL - Titanium .
•FOCUSING - Rack & Pinion .
•LENSBOARD - 4x5 Linhof-type .
•CAMERA BACK - Interchangeable vertical/horizontal Graphic Standard, 10mm Grid, Fresnel lens and protective glass .
•MOVEMENTS - FRONT Rise 45mm, Fall 16mm, Shift 38mm+38mm, Swing 45°+45°, Center tilt 20°+20° . BACK - Rise 42mm .
•USABLE LENSES - 35mm* and 45mm, 47mm and 47mmXL - 150mm, 210mm with back extender 692, 400mm telephoto. * with 10mm recessed lensboard .
•SPIRIT LEVEL - Two on body .
•WEIGHT - 1.3kg .
•DIMENSIONS - 17.0 (h) x 17.5* (w) x 8.0 (l) cm *including knobs .



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