Schneider (Center Filter) Size 4b

Center Filter:
For the 72mm/5.6 XL.

For this reason, concentrically graduated Center Filters have been designed to compensate for this vignetting.
These filters have a transparency which increases gradually from the center to the edges of the filter where it reaches full transparency.
The transmission is independent of the wavelength of the visible spectrum.
In order to avoid overexposure and with consideration of the exposure latitude of the film emulsions, we have not fully compensated for the vignetting of the lens.
It must be remembered that, when working with ultra-wide-angle lenses, one should avoid high-contrast films, underexposure, and non-uniform field illumination as much as possible.
With the consideration of these three factors, the use of Center Filters in combination with the Schneider Super-Angulon can open new areas of wide-angle photography in black-and-white and color.
For maximum results and definition when using the Schneider Center Filters, it is necessary to increase the exposure 1.5 stops.
It is also to be noted that the lens must be stopped down at least two full stops below maximum aperture, since only then can the maximum compensating effect of the Center Filter be achieved.



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