HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 Pinhole Camera

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Following on from the successful launch of the HARMAN TiTAN 4x5 inch Pinhole Camera in 2011 a prototype 8 x 10 camera was shown at Focus on Imaging 2012 receiving great reaction from visitors. HARMAN TiTAN PINHOLE CAMERAS have been designed in conjunction with, and manufactured in the UK by Walker Cameras who are well known for their range of Titan large format film cameras. Like its ‘little brother’ the 8 x 10 camera is made from injection moulded ABS, finished with a very durable non-slip coating, making the camera exceptionally robust to withstand extreme natural elements, and rough handling, yet weighs only 800gms. The camera, which can be used with any photographic film or paper, takes an 8 x 10 film holder and features tripod mount positions, built-in spirit levels, and an accessory mount. New film holders are readily available from dealers selling the camera, with second hand ones often available at very reasonable cost.
The camera itself comes with a 150mm (5.9in) focal length cone. The chemically etched pinhole has a diameter of 0.52mm (0.0205in). It carries a fixed lens aperture of f288 and a 94.7 degree angle of view.
As with the 4x5in predecessor the kit has the same Exposure Calculator, based on a design by Richard Koolish, which is now printed onto a waterproof material for those wonderful outdoor days for long exposure times. Finally, the kit also includes guidance information for outdoor use in windy conditions.



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