Leica M Monochrome

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Leica M Monochrom

Leica M Monochrom features a new 18MP, 35mm-sized CCD sensor that only captures monochrome, but because there is no color Leica claims it will produce fine-grain images at up to ISO 10,000, while image quality is said to be 100 percent sharper than an equivalent color image. This specialized camera is being marketed to street photographers and photojournalists who work exclusively in black-and-white. The advantage of a dedicated black-and-white camera, according to Leica, is that real brightness values are available for each individual pixel, producing sharp, accurate black and white images without the need for post-processing. The camera is packaged with a full version of Silver Efex Pro 2 to let users recreate the looks of popular film, and registered owners can take advantage of Whitewall, the Leica Monochrom print service that uses traditional wet chemistry silver process. 



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