Arca-Swiss RM3di

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ARCA-SWISS Rm3di, an improved version of Rm3d, has self-locking geared AIP (all in plane) vertical and lateral shifts. The precision focusing mechanism and integrated lens mount can be rotated 90 degrees and simply turning this unit enables horizontal as well as vertical Scheimpflug. The camera hand grips are made of a new, very durable and tactile material and are designed to enable a quick change from portrait to landscape format without having to adjust the viewfinder or back. So taking hand held photographs with a correct perspective has been made comfortable and efficient. Images can be viewed aside from using the focus screen with an innovative, variable and flare-free viewing system for lenses with focal lengths from 23–210 mm. Points of light in the viewfinder indicate, depending on how many, the necessary camera shift: one point of light requiring a 5mm shift. The viewfinder also contains a depth of field indicator for the corresponding focal lengths. The precision of the focusing mechanism allows repeatable settings with an accuracy of 10 microns. In addition, the focusing mechanism comes equipped with a standard electronic sensor. In combination with an additional module, the indicator also displays the measured distance, adjusted distance, the depth of field for 4 f-stops as well as if the camera is levelled.

With the ARCA-SWISS R lens mount, because of its large bayonet diameter, there are no limits to the choice of lenses. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di can use digital backs up to 60 mpx or film backs up to the format 6x9cm. Like all cameras in the R-Line, the ARCA-SWISS Rm3di has built-in mounts for its many varied uses: for the viewfinder and tripod, attaching a bellows system for expanded stitching, for long focal length and macro lenses. Moreover, the camera can be used upside down on a tripod without any accessories. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di can be used with the ROTASLIDE sliding back adaptor without affecting the focal plane. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is also compatible with all ARCA SWISS system components of the F/M Lines, such as the binocular viewer, the lens shade and bellows as well as other accessories with which the functionality of the ARCA-SWISS Rm3di can be even further expanded in new and creative ways. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di exceeds the capabilities and precision of all previous cameras. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is solid, compact and so light that location photography is no longer a cumbersome task but a creative pleasure.






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