Cooke Series XVa

Shown in Copal shutter
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Approx. 8 week delivery. Special order.

The same classic lines, format and focal length combinations as the original Cooke Series XV lens. Cooke's redesign of this still popular classic maintains the favorite characteristics of the original lens while incorporating new features requested by contemporary photographers:

  • For up to 8 x 10 large format photography
  • Focal lengths: 645mm (front cell only), 476mm (back cell only), 311mm (front + back).
  • Color balanced for today's film stocks.
  • Renowned Cooke multicoating. No flaring. No ghosting.
  • Dynamic Scale Ring. Three easily readable f stop scales on one dialable ring for the three lens combinations (front + back, front only, back only). The ring easily attaches to any recent vintage Copal #3 shutter in good condition.
  • Combine your first XVa lens with a second XVa lens for two additional focal length combinations: 365mm (front + front) and 271mm (back + back).

The lens can be supplied with or without a Copal #3 shutter. Your choice:

  1. Use an existing recent vintage Copal #3 shutter in your lens collection or purchase a new Copal #3 shutter locally (to avoid paying an additional markup. We do try to help.) The Dynamic Scale Ring is included with your purchase and attaches easily to your existing shutter (instructions included).
  2. Purchase the lens with a shutter and it will be delivered with the Dynamic Scale Ring already attached.
  3. If you choose to purchase a second Series XVa lens set to take advantage of the five possible focal length combinations, we have a Dynamic Scale Ring with all five f stop combinations available to assemble to your shutter.

Cooke Series XVa Convertible Lens
Comprehensive Specifications for Five Possible Focal Length Combinations

Front + Back
Back + Back
Front + Front
Focal Length
311mm/12.25 inches
476mm/19 inches
646mm/25.5 inches
273mm/10.75 inches
368mm/14.5 inches
Aperture Range
f/6.8 to f/90
f/11 to f/90
f/16 to f/90
f/5.6 to f/90
f/8 to f/90
8x10 inch
8x10 inch
8x10 inch
8x10 inch
8x10 inch
325mm/12.75 inch
325mm/12.75 inch
325mm/12.75 inches
325mm/12.75 inches
325mm/12.75 inches
Angle of View
55 degrees
38 degrees
28 degrees
61 degrees
48 degrees
Maximun Useable
Image Circle
(Angle of View)
(Use Aperture)
381mm/15 inches

63 degrees
452mm/17.8 inches

51 degrees
452mm/17.8 inches

39 degrees
324mm/12.75 inches

61 degrees
420mm/16.5 inches

60 degrees
Maximum Useable Image Circle at 10 Feet and Less
(Use Aperture)
420mm/16.5 inches

452mm/17.8 inches

452mm/17.8 inches

360mm/14.2 inches

460mm/18 inches

Flange Focal Distance
312mm/12.28 inches
542mm/21.34 inches
733mm/28.86 inches
270mm/10.64 inches
367mm/14.44 inches
Filter Size 77mm screw in Front Cell
62mm screw in Back Cell
62mm screw in Gold Ring (shutter front)
Location Bore in Lens Board 65mm Standard for Copal #3 Shutter
Overall Length 85mm/3.35 inches (Front + Back)
Weight 0.93kg/2.05 lbs. (with Front + Back)
External Finish Semi-gloss black anodised, with textured gold bevel ring



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