APO-Tele-Xenar 400mm/5.6 Compact

400mm/5.6 Compact
Large Format Lens:
Copal #3

Copal #3 - APO-Tele-Xenar 400mm/5.6 Compact has an image circle of 250mm at infinity and covers the 5" x 7" format ( 13cm x 18cm ) with ample movement.
The Apo-Tele-Xenar 5.6/400 mm is ideal for field camera use and because of its compact design is easily mounted on on all large format cameras.
The field photographer gets a much needed long focal length compact lens that is lighter in weight and requires a shorter bellows extension than conventional lenses.
The product photographer gets a sharp telephoto lens that yields chromes that can be digitally scanned without losing any of the original detail.
Schneiderís coating designers have developed a revolutionary new coating called MRC.
This new coating is harder and more durable, less subject to fogging, and easier to clean.
The APO-TELE XENAR 400mm is the first lens to use this new coating technology.
The lens is available in Copal #3 shutter.



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