M-Line 4X5

M-Monolith 4X5:
With optical bench 40cm telescopic
* Special Order.

M-Monolith 4X5 Arca Swiss are market leaders as the most versatile image capturing devices available.
With standard interchangeable, components, format frames, unobstructed optical path, practical image adjustment controls and triaxial yaw-free.
• M - Monolith 4x5“
• Optical bench 40 cm telescopic
• Function carrier M -monolith front Function carrier M -monolith rear Format frame M -monolith 4x5“ front with orbixฎ tilt Format frame M -monolith 4x5“ rear
• Film holder and Groundglass frame 4x5“ with Fresnel Standard bellows 4x5“, 38cm, synthetic
• Weight: 5.3kg



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