Arca-Swiss Misura 4x5 (metal) incl. orbix® dynamic

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11.8 x 8.7 x 12.5''
Misura 4x5:
with Metal Case
* Special Order.
Arca-Swiss Misura 4x5 (metal) incl. orbix® dynamic.
A view camera for 6x6 cm to 4x5” formats, corresponding in weight and dimensions to a medium format roll film camera.
Weighting barely no more than two kilograms, it can be carried like a shoulder bag!
The camera works in analogue mode with either sheet film holders, roll- or instant film backs.
Fitted with a digital back it also converts into a digital camera.
A new concept in the design of the control mechanisms simplifies handling and offers to the photographer a high degree of reliability during shoots.
There are no boundaries in the use of different lenses. Therefore, wide angle-, panorama-, telephoto- or macro shots are possible.
The optimization of all the parts in respect of size and weight and the use of most modern alloys made it possible to reduce size and weight of the camera by 1/3rd, making this the smallest modular 4x5” camera.
Thanks to a novel container, it is well protected and portable when stowed away.
The construction of the box’s protective shell with its twin function has been designed in conformity with the materials used, i.e. aluminum sheeting and leather.
Great importance was attached to quick operational readiness of the camera with fitted lens, to its protection and to carrying comfort.
Apart from its inherent precision and stability, the misura® impressively demonstrates the ease with which 4x5” shots can be accomplished.
The exceptional wide angle capability and the modular configuration of the Misura® allow for the bellows and optical rail to be adapted to a specific requirement in a matter of seconds.
The ARCA-SWISS misura is fitted with the revolutionary ARCA-SWISS Orbix® tilting system.
In contrast to the conventional way of tilting a camera in segments, this new design concept allows for the lens to remain in its correct position whilst the camera is being tilted.
This leads to the desired plane of sharp focus and prevents blurring in the corners which form the diagonal of the image.
The tilting mechanism is integrated into the lens standard at its base. Due to this important innovation the Scheimpflug rule is being accomplished more precisely than ever before.
The Orbix® Dynamic tilting construction facilitates quick and efficient tilts by hand.
Five perceptible clicks inform the photographer about the amplitude of the tilt.
Once the alignment has taken place, it does not need to be locked into position as the tilting mechanism is self arresting.
• Tilts Front and Rear (base): 35° forward & backward.
• Orbix tilt: 15°.
• Swings Front and Rear: 45° left, right.
• Rise & Fall Front and Rear: 3'' (78mm) rise 3.3'' (85mm) fall.
• Shifts Front and Rear: 2.75'' (70mm) left & right.
• Camera Back 4x5'' Vertical/Horizontal quick-change Standard Graflok.
• Groundglass with grid-lines, 6x7, 6x9, 6x12 & Polaroid markings, & fresnel screen.
• Interchangeable bellows.
• Minimum extension with standard bellows & flat lensboard: 3.2'' (80mm).
• With standard bellows & 13mm recessed lensboard: 2.6'' (65mm).
• With wide-angle bellows & 13mm recessed lensboard: 2.2'' (55mm).
• Maximum Extension 380mm, 40cm folding monorail.
• Lensboard 171mm x 171mm.
• Dimensions 11.8 x 8.7 x 12.5''.
• Weight 3.2 kg



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