L-758DR Digitalmaster

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3.5''W x 6.7''H x 1.9''D

Programmable for Exposure Perfection Exposure Profiling
• Programmable to respond to light exactly like your digital camera or type of film.
• Four Meters In One
• Independent programming of Flash, Ambient, Incident and Reflected measuring modes customized to your digital camera or type of film
• Pre-Exposure Warning Displays and alerts when a measured value exceeds your digital cameras (or type of film) dynamic range
• Super Sensitive Flash Metering Measures light beyond the limits of any camera (reflected flash measurements as low as f-2.0 (ISO 100).
• 1 Spot with Digital Display Rectangular 1 spot viewfinder with vivid display.
• Wireless Selective Quad-Triggering Wireless triggering and measuring of flash up to 100 ft. away (PocketWizard compatible)
• Selective Quad-Triggering Control Select which flash or camera triggers with direct function keys.
• Analyzing Function Simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light is analyzed and displayed.



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