M-Tri-Elmar 16-18-21 f/4.0 ASPH

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M-Tri-Elmar 16-18-21 f/4.0 ASPH
through its impressive picture angle of 107 degrees captures the 16mm super wide angle photography in perfect Leica M quality.
There is minimal distortion even at 16mm and when used on the M8, the picture effect is that of a 21-28 mm and make extreme wide-angle perspective possible.
The compact form is a result of the two aspherical lenses.
The adaption of a floating element principle greatly improves the quality of close up shooting.
In hyper focal photography, depth of field from 12.9(0.33m) is usable.
• Super wide angle lens for analogue and digital M cameras
• 2 aspherical lenses for excellent photographs
• Focusing through a floating element construction
• Very minimal distortion even at 16mm
• Close up shots reducible to 19.7''(0.5m)
• Not sensitive to lens flare.



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