Toyo 45CF

Large Format:
Field Camera

Includes one #0 lens board.
Compact folding design - Lightweight Polycarbonate / carbon fiber construction
Stainless Steel, Aluminum die cast hardware
Vertical/Horizontal reversible back
Rack and pinion, front bed focus with locking lever
Drop bed capability
Calibrated front bed for use w/infinity stops
Front standard movements all have default markings or detents
14'' maximum bellows extension
Built-in accessory shoe
Includes both 1/4'' and 3/8'' tripod sockets
Lens board included
Accepts many Toyo 4x5 system accessories
Camera Back Graflok sliding lock system
Accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak ReadyLoad, Polaroid 4x5, and all roll film holders
6x7cm, 6x9cm, 6x12cm and digital backs that are compatible with Graflok sliding lock system.
Focusing Screen Toyo grid ground glass, with 4X5 and 6x9 format markings.
Lens Board 110mm x 110mm TF45A Type all metal #0 Flat.
Bellows Tapered bellows, allows use of lenses from wide angle to telephoto.
Front Tilt 15 + 15 .
Manual Front Rise 49mm (28.5 rise, 20.5mm fall) .
Manual Front Shift 28.5 + 28.5 mm .
Manual Front Swing 20+20 .
Base Tilt front & rear 90+15 .
Drop bed design drops 15 .
Minimum Bellows Extension 3.16 (80.3mm) .
Maximum bellows extension 14.04 (356.7mm) .
Geared Focus 142mm .
Longest Lens with maximum bellows draw 400mm .
Shortest Lens with flat Lens Board 90mm .
Weight 3.42 lbs.
Folded Dimensions 7.91(H) x 6.97(W) x 4(D)'' .



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