Digital Lens:
Copal #0

Special Order
Pictured is the 60mm f/4.0 lens in a Copal #0 Shutter.
• Uses 40.5mm screw-in filters.
• Large format cameras, and lenses designed for use with digital camera backs are the ultimate combination in digital photography.
• Although Photoshop can maneuver (interpolate) pixels to simulate some perspective shifts, in doing so, it diminishes the quality of the image.
• A view camera is still necessary for perspective, shape and focus control.
• Newer lenses for large format digital cameras are slightly smaller in size, and shorter in focal length than lenses designed for 4x5 or 8x10 film.
• Digital sensor chips are usually smaller than their film format counterparts.
• Several 35mm Style Digital SLR's are an exception.
• The format conversion factor for a 4x5 lens for film to a 4x5 Digital Lens is 1.39.
• Optical design 6/4
• Effective focal length ±1 % 59.9
• Nodal point separation -1.9
• Front-side screw-in thread M 40.5 x 0.5 Max. diameter of the front mount 42.0 Max. diameter of the rear mount 31.0
• Total overall height 42.5
• Shutter diameter 80.00 without cable 97.0
• Flange surface to rear edge of mount 15.0, 12.8
• Thread of the shutter for assembling on the lens plate M 32.5 x 0.5, M 39 x 0.75
• Flange focal distance mm for the given distance or scale 55.1, 52.9



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