Battery 1+

3.7'' x 4.2'' x 1.7''
Mounts to light stand, monopod, or tripod.

Specially designed modules fit into the flash battery compartment to replace unpredictable nicads or alkalines.
50% faster recycling, and consistently fast even as battery charge is depleted.
250+ full power manual shots, and 1000+ automatic shots per charge.
LED Displays:
Power monitor ''fuel gauge'', on/off, and charge status/complete indicators.
Easily monitor your units' condition.
Sealed Lead Cells: Recharge fully at any time, without fear of developing a ''memory''.
The pack holds its charge for months when not in use. Charger is provided. Faster
Charging: Charges fully in 3 - 10 hours with standard charger. Charge light goes out when charging is complete.
Twin Output Jacks: Allows two flashes to be powered together.
Safety Features: Electronic circuit breaker prevents damage to flash or battery.
Automatically shuts itself off, and cannot be turned on without a module plugged in, preventing accidental drain of the cells.



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