QFlash X5D


Model X5d-R connects to a Qpaq®, Lumedyne, or Norman 200/400 to create ''portable studio'' systems.
• Full TTL Dedication for new digital and film cameras.
• Automatic Fill Mode allows setting fill flash ratios when used with one of the new QTTL adapters.
• Fill-flash ratios can be controlled even for cameras that do not have fill-flash capabilities.
• Automatic Sensor Limit on the T2 / X2 limits the distance the Qflash sensor ''sees'' when in Auto mode.
• Without Auto Sensor Limit, if the subject has no background (in a open field outside), or the background is far away (a large catering hall), the flash sensor tries to balance the subject and background light.
• The subject is bright, and the background is dark, and the result is an over exposed subject.
• By limiting sensor distance, the sensor will no longer try to balance the light from a far background and will focus only on the subjects that are with in the sensor limit. The result: great automatic exposures in all situations.
• Quick Turn off feature when using Qflash as an on-camera flash and want to disable the flash for a few shots you can use the ''quick turn off'' feature. Press the MODE button twice and the word ''OFF'' appears in the display.
• The number of Qflash set-ups which can be saved has been increased from 4 to 8.
• These saved modes can be selected with one button when you're on the go.



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