QFlash T5D-R


Qflash 5d-R features:
Full dedication
Connect a Qflash 5d to a camera using a Dw series QTTL Adapter and make Qflash a powerful, fully dedicated flash that mimics the features of camera manufacturers' flashes.
Wireless TTL with Fill-flash
When teamed with a FreeXWire system, Qflash receives your camera's TTL exposure commands wirelessly.
Wireless fill-flash offsets are set on the D and Dw series QTTL adapters, or on the camera.
Wireless Linked Auto with Qflash Ratios
Set up an on-camera Qflash and one or two remote Qflashes with FreeXWires.
Control the ratios of the remote Qflashes wirelessly from the panel of the on-camera Qflash.
All Qflashes track the f/stop of the camera as you change it.
The following D and Dw adapters transfer camera TTL exposure for wireless transmission by FW9T, FW7Q, FW8R and updated FW10w
D10w- Olympus;
D12w- Nikon, Fuji, Kodak;
D13w- Canon;
D19w- Hasselblad;
D24- Contax;
D25- Mamiya.



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