Technikardan 45S

9 X 12cm 4 X 5in.
Large Format:
Compact without removing bellows.

The ingenious design principle of its smaller companion including the patented rotation of the standards through 90 to achieve a most compact transport position without removing the bellows is perfectly adapted to the larger 4 x 5 size.
Full format flexibility from the standard roll film sizes up to 4 x 5 in cut film, including the remarkable 6 x 12 cm wide-field images and all the appropriate Polaroid film formats.
Snap on 45 type ground glass back for horizontal / vertical orientation.
Interchangeable bellows.
Center swings and tilts with zero click stops for instant camera alignment and for reliable perspective corrections with convenient depth of field control.
Multi-profile, triple extension monorail, precision-machined dovetails fittings for all movements, which are positively secured with color-coded locks for smooth and rapid operation.
Fully compatible within the LINHOF system.
Camera accepts lenses on TECHNIKA 45 lens boards and all special TK lenses with shutter control module.



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