VX125R Basic (Matte Black Finish)

12'' x 9'' x 5.5''
Large Format:
Manual rise control & fixed 125mm basic monorail.

Special Order
VX ultra light alloy all metal construction.
Interchangeable VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows allow use of lenses from 58mm-300mm on flat lens board.
Recessed lens board allows use of 45-55mm lenses.
VX yaw-free base tilt operation.
TOYO 360 revolving back with acid-etched glass and fresnel.
Fully geared rise, shift and microfine focus on front and rear.
Built-in quick-release base plate with 1/4'' socket.
VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows.
TOYO revolving graflok-type back (accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak Readyload, Polaroid and 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 roll film holders).
TOYO Super-Brite fresnel lens.
TOYO acid-etched grid ground glass with 6x7cm and 6x9cm markings.
Bi-axial spirit levels, front and rear.
Basic VX front and rear standards with geared focus, shift and manual rise.
Interchangeable VXR 125mm compact basic monorail.
Quick-release tripod mounting plate with 1/4'' sockets (optional).



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