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K. B. Canham: Wood 4X5, 4X10, 5X7, 7X17, 8X10, 8X20, 11X14, 12X20.
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The unique bellows permits full movement with lenses form 58mm to 510mm.
The MQC57 is a 5X7 all metal field camera. This camera comes equipped with a Fresnel screen already installed.
Rear focus only, and it has a fresnel screen. This camera is designed to accept Sinar©, Horseman© lens boards.
This 4x5 field camera has a modular design.
Walnut and Aluminum construction.

The 8x10 standard camera has a modular design similar to the 4x5, 5x7, and 4x10 wood cameras.

Light weight field camera.
Special Order
Standardizing this camera it will now be equipped with the Sinar©, Horseman© style lens boards.
The camera can be converted into either a 5x7 or a 4x5 by interchanging the entire rear standard / bellows / back assembly.
Special Order.
Equipped with the Sinar©, Horseman© style lens boards.
Special Order
8x20 wood and aluminum camera.
Special Order.



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