Cooke Portrait PS945 Lens 229mm f/4.5

Cooke Portrait PS945 Lens 229mm f/4.5
Cooke Portrait PS945 Lens 229mm f/4.5
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The quality of diffusion is midway between the softness of the first Pinkham & Smith Semi-Achromat lenses made in the late 1890s and a conventional sharp lens. It performs just like the rare and revered, original Pinkham & Smith Visual Quality Series IV lenses that were produced in Boston, Massachusetts in the early part of the 20th century.

Degree of Diffusion

The selection of aperture controls the degree of diffusion. Your choice of subject, lighting conditions and final processing will influence the final print results, but in general you will achieve the following effect: At f/11, the lens performs like a conventional sharp lens but without the unattractive, out-of-focus background that would be imaged by most conventional lenses. At f/8, the lens will produce a sharp image but absent an unpleasant hard edge. At f/5.6, the image appears more velvety but in focus with a subtle roundness of the edges. At f/4.5, the lighter areas appear to generate their own luminous glow without losing focus, or losing the contrast against the darker areas.

Soft Focus Lenses versus Diffusion Filters

Using a soft focus lens is not the same as using a diffusion filter on a conventional lens, nor is it the same as stopping down a conventional lens. A diffusion filter causes a random scattering of the rays at all points across the aperture. The image obtained with a soft-focus lens retains all of the subject detail over a wider depth of field than with a conventional lens set to the same aperture, but the emphasis on the fine detail or the bolder elements of the image can be distributed as the photographer wishes.

The original Pinkham & Smith lenses achieve their distinctive soft focus in a manner different from other lenses. Using the traditional glass available at the time, craftsmen hand-corrected multiple surfaces of the lenses to achieve their unique soft focus look. The introduction of aspherical surfaces gave Pinkham & Smith lenses a higher-order spherical aberration that results (when the lens was used fully open) in an image with both very high resolution and a self-luminescent quality. Cooke has reproduced the unique performance of these hand aspherized lenses using modern design techniques that duplicate this unique soft yet high-resolution performance exactly.  

Cooke Portrait PS945 Lens Technical Information




Format 4x5 inch

Effective Focal Length 229mm/9 inches

Aperture Range f/4.5 to f/90

Optical Construction 4 elements in 2 air-spaced doublets

Iris Scale One engraved scale marked at full stops

Angular Rotation of Iris Scale 68.5 degrees

Format Angle of View 45 degrees

Front Lens Clear Diameter 62mm

Image Circle at Infinity 190mm

Shutter Speeds 1 to 1/125 seconds, T, B

Filter Size 77mm

Front Internal Mounting Thread M77 x 0.75 pitch x 5mm long

Front Mounting Diameter 80mm

Shutter Diameter 102mm

Clearance Diameter for Shutter Levers 134mm

Shutter External Mounting Thread M62 x 0.75 pitch

Flange Focal Distance 216.8mm nominal at infinity

Location Bore in Lens Board Standard for Copal #3 Shutter, 65mm using supplied clamp ring

Overall Length 90mm

Weight 0.73 kg/1.6 lbs.

External Finish Semi gloss black anodise with textured gold bevel ring


The Lens is Supplied with the Following


  • Cooke Portrait PS945 lens in Copal #3 shutter.

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