Toyo VX125 Deluxe (Jade Green Finish)

Toyo VX125 Deluxe (Jade Green Finish)
Toyo VX125 Deluxe (Jade Green Finish)
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The TOYO VX125 Toyo 360° series is the large format photographer's dream come true.
Every large format studio photographer will love the precision, extensive movement, and great versatility the VX125 delivers in the field.
Every field camera enthusiast will appreciate the extra movement with wide angle lenses, greater precision, complete range of modular accessories and the ability to use long telephotos - all in a very portable and stable camera.
• VX ultra light alloy all metal construction.
• Interchangeable VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows allow use of lenses from 58mm-300mm on flat lens board.
• Recessed lens board allows use of 45-55mm lenses.
• VX yaw-free base tilt operation.
• TOYO 360° revolving back with acid-etched glass and fresnel.
• Fully geared rise, shift and microfine focus on front and rear. - Built-in quick-release base plate with 1/4" socket.
• VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows.
• TOYO revolving graflok-type back (accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak Readyload, Polaroid and 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 roll film holders).
• TOYO Super-Brite fresnel lens.
• TOYO acid-etched grid ground glass with 6x7cm and 6x9cm markings.
• Bi-axial spirit levels, front and rear.
• Deluxe VX front and rear standards with geared focus, shift and rise.
• Interchangeable 125-250mm telescoping VX monorail.
• Two (2) 30mm compact extension caps.
• Compact ABS custom fitted case (optional)

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