Linhof Master Technika Classic 4X5

Linhof Master Technika Classic 4X5
Linhof Master Technika Classic 4X5
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The highly versatile dropbed design in the format 4x5 in offers full adjustment capabilities.
Its unique combination of compact dimensions and extraordinary versatility makes it equally suitable for hand-held focused action shots and carefully composed studio or location subjects.
As a top quality professional instrument, the Master Technika offers perspective corrections and depth-of-field control with convenient groundglass observation.
The Master Technika with built-in triple dropbed extension allows the use of tele lenses up to 500 mm or makro lenses without any accessories.
• Body with built-in range-inter system, revolving groundglass back incl. groundglass and folding focusing hood.
• not included: lens/lensboard
• Lenses in Copal.
• Extreme wide-angle: 55-75,
• Wide-angle: 90mm,
• Normal lenses: 150 mm, long lenses: 240, 250,
• Telephotolenses: 250, 300, 360 mm.

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