Linhof Master Technika 3000 4X5

Linhof Master Technika 3000 4X5
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More compact, non-rangefinder version of the classic Linhof Master Technika.
It comes with a wrist strap, a folding focusing hood and a ground-glass grid screen.
It does not include the lens, lensboard, grip, fresnel lens or viewfinder.
It is a technical baseboard camera of the highest quality with a sturdy die-cast body that closes to compact dimensions.
It features: a triple-extension drop bed, ratcheting lift lever for front standard rise, an international Graflock spring back with revolving swing frame, a lift-up flap on top of the camera housing for increased wide-angle efficiency, a built-in wide-angle focusing track for extreme wide-angle lenses 38-72mm (movements with bed in fourth notch dropped position), and a removable accessory cold shoe mount that reveals a hidden tripod thread.
This tripod socket can come in handy when a photographer wants to position the camera upside-down for more optical variances and movements.
• Front rise can be used as drop when camera in mounted upside-down, and some drop can be generated with the camera in the normal position by dropping the bed and bringing the front standard back to vertical.
• Built-in triple extension allows 15.7" of extension.
• Extra tripod socket (hidden beneath top shoe) allows the camera to mount upside-down, simplifying lens-drop.
• Built-in wide-angle focusing device for lenses 38-72mm—primarily for use with optional rollfilm adapters (i.e. 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12cm) or digital backs.
• When using the built-in wide-angle focusing device on the Technika 3000, Linhof recommends a specially spaced lensboard (#001159) for focal lengths of 55, 58, 65, and 72mm. Lenses from 38-47mm will work on a standard flat lensboard.
• Omni-directional swing back for extension of swing/tilt movements and perspective corrections.
• Revolving back with locks for horizontal/vertical images.

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