K.B. Canham DLC2 4X5

K.B. Canham DLC2 4X5
K.B. Canham DLC2 4X5
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This camera comes equipped with a Fresnel screen already installed.
The unique bellows permits full movement with lenses form 58mm to 510mm.
Each camera is provided with its own carrying case.
A Fresnel focusing screen comes standard on this camera.
The universal back rotates for horizontal and vertical shots.
Reflex finder and other focusing aids are available (Cambo mount).
• Front rise: 2.5 inches, Front Fall: 1'', Front shift .375 ''ea way
• Front and Rear, Swing and Tilt limited by bellows.
• Rear Shift:1.375 '' both ways,
• Min. Bellows: 2.1 inches,
• Max. Bellows: 20.5 inches,
• Weight 4lb.110z.

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