K.B. Canham Wood 12X20

K.B. Canham Wood 12X20
K.B. Canham Wood 12X20
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Special Order. All of these cameras (Special Order) are of a modular design.
The 8x10 standard can be converted into a 7x17 and 8x20 with 36 inches (914.4 mm) of bellows draw by replacing the rear standard / bellows / back assembly.
The 11x14 camera can be converted into a 7x17, an 8x20, a 14x17, and a 12x20 using the appropriate accessories.
• Camera Type: 12x20,
• Material: walnut/6061 t6 aluminum hard black anodized
• Weight: 16.8lbs,
• LensBoard: Toyo 6", Min. Bellows-Standard: 3.25",
• Max. Bellows-Standard: 48" ,
• Rear Shift: 10", Rear Swing: 22, Rear Tilt: 20 back/limited by bellows forward,
• Front Swing: 42, Front Rise 4.5", Front Fall: 6.25",
• Dimensions:18"x25.75"x4.5

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