Ilford Delta 100 8X10-25 Sheets

Ilford Delta 100 8X10-25 Sheets
Ilford Delta 100 8X10-25 Sheets
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Ilford Delta 100 8X10
Medium speed, black and white film, ideal for pictorial and fine art photography. The professional version of 100 DELTA, in 35mm, can be processed in a wide variety of developers.
It is also less sensitive to changes in development, offering greater process control.
When given standard development it has a speed rating of ISO 100/21° to daylight.
Prints made from 100 DELTA PROFESSIONAL film exposed at EI 100/21 have extremely fine grain and outstanding sharpness.
In fact, in the hands of a skilled specialist, who will pay careful attention to exposure and processing, prints from 100 DELTA PROFESSIONAL negatives can be exceptional.
Not just for specialists and is more than an ISO 100/21° film.
Its exposure latitude allows good quality results to be obtained over the exposure range EI 50/18 to EI 200/24.
This film is compatible with all major processing systems and can be processed in all popular developers.

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