Photogenic Monolight AKC160B 160 W/S

Photogenic Monolight AKC160B 160 W/S
Photogenic Monolight AKC160B 160 W/S
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The four models offer a wide range of standard features that includes discrete continuously variable power adjustments over a full 6 f-stop range.
StudioMax® III accepts all the Photogenic® Quick-Change and StudioMax III accessories.
Lightweight units are available in 160 Ws. or 320 Ws.
These two models can be powered by Photogenic®’s AKB-1 battery or by select models from other manufacturers (battery not included).
A fully charged battery pack will usually provide 200 flashes for model AKC160B and 150 flashes for model AKC320B, at full power.
When the lights are DC powered, the modeling circuit is disabled, conserving all your battery energy for flash.
These versatile "B" models also operate on standard 110 volt power.
• OUTPUT POWER 5 to 160Ws
• FLASH DURATION 1/175 at full power
• RECYCLE TIME 0.1 to 1.5 seconds at full power
• POWER CONTROL Full to 1/32 range over 6 f stops with 0.1 stop resolution
• MODELING POWER 100-watt Quartz ESR,
• Full On/Off
• TRIGGERING Photo slave, Sync Jack, Test Button, Radio
• POWER SUPPLY 5 amp. 105 to 125 VAC, 60 Hz
• POWER CONSUMPTION 0.3 amps idling, 8 amps charging
• VOLTAGE STABILZATION +/- 0.05 f-stop
• IS0 100 GUIDE NUMBER 120
• COLOR TEMPERATURE 5600 degrees

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